EDUE snc was established in 1999 by Emilio Bortolato and Enzo Casarin and within a very short time it was able to assert itself on the difficult market of the tools for metal sheet processing thanks to its company philosophy based on the striving for quality and on the qualification of its collaborators.

Ever since the customers of the EDUE company appreciate the quality, the quick job handling and the innovative ideas, which the company can offer thanks to its go-getting collaborators. The latter ensure accurate design work, meticulous selection of materials, application of advanced processes of manufacture and proper maintenance of the production facilities.

The constant endeavour to improvement, the application of sophisticated 3D software for computer simulation for metal sheet forming and the long-time experience could efficiently support the customers of the EDUE company in the technological development of their own products. 

The tools and special devices for metal sheet cold-forming are mainly manufactured for the following industry branches:

Household appliances (different facilities of the BOSCH SIEMENS group located in Traunreut, Giengen, Dillingen, Berlin, Spain, Poland – Neff – Gaggenau)

Auto industry suppliers : ( Audi – WW – BMW – FCA)

Road bridges and road barriers, structural engineering : ( Gruppo Marcegaglia, etc.. )
Companies specialized in cutting and profiling plants ( STAM – Gasparini di Mirano )

Besides progressive and transfer tools EDUE is manufacturing also special-purpose machines, which are supplied complete with the related hydraulic power units as well as the electric and the electronic components.

Currently the EDUE company employs 30 staff members and disposes of 4000 m2 company grounds.

The mechanical manufacture of the parts is done with use of fully automated production systems, in order to offer the customers optimal product quality at the best possible price.

All processing steps are performed with use of state-of-the-art technological systems. 
EDUE disposes of a machine park of the latest generation, which guarantees highest precision and quality in machining.
The single milling steps are performed in machining centers with an operating range up to a value of 3000 x 2000 mm; these centers use most recent machining technologies such as high speed on tempered steel.
A fully automated machining center with pallets depot, two wire eroding machines and one measuring machine are used for automatically manufacturing the principal items of every tool, i.e. the punches and the matrixes.
The milling department, which disposes among others also of a fully automated machining center for the rectangular cutting of the work pieces, constitutes the final element of the production chain.

The assembly department with its qualified staff carefully assembles the single tool components thus ensuring highest functionality and reliability of the tools.
The commissioning of the tools is done on mechanical presses (800 tons, 500 tons and 350 tons) that are equipped with reel, coil straightening device and CNC-controlled feed device.